Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a WordPress Theme

If you're new to WordPress, you probably are enjoying your experience right about now and there's no blaming you since everyone who's working on it can attest that there's nothing better than it. However, even though it's quite fun learning everything about this platform, the job of building a WordPress site can be overwhelming at times, especially if it's your first time choosing a theme. As a matter of fact, a huge percentage of beginners failed for the first time just because they made silly mistakes along the way. So if you don't want to be part of that group who failed in their first try, you better read these mistakes to avoid when choosing a WordPress theme.

1 - Choosing Free WordPress Themes That Don't Come with a Lot of Support

Remember that the very purpose of using an ellion premium wordpress theme is to be able to customize it in a way that your website becomes unique to you. So once you choose a theme and install it, there's no turning back. In the customization stage, there will a lot of challenges you expect to meet and you'd be compelled to ask questions along the way. But what if the theme you chose does not have sufficient support? Well, you'd end up stuck to it without anyone there to answer or respond to your questions regarding customization.

2 - Choosing a Theme With Excessive Amount of Required Plugins

Another mistake you must try hard to avoid is choosing a theme that includes so many different required plugins. Although this wouldn't be a problem for web developers and designers who have worked with WordPress for a very long time now, it can be a challenging, albeit annoying scenario for a newbie like you. The thing is many popular themes have plugins that are required in order for the theme to function and display properly. The problem with the plugins is that they need constant updating and that could be a headache for you later on.

3 - Choosing a Theme Even Though It Does Not Support the Functionality You're Looking For

This right here could be the costliest mistake you can make in terms of choosing a WordPress theme. The most notable example is when you're building an e-commerce type of site, but you chose a theme that doesn't support the e-commerce functionality or does not have a plugin like WooCommerce. Remember though that there are certain WordPress themes that are already built to support e-commerce, so all you have to do is just do your homework in figuring out what those themes are.

If you really want to excel and succeed in building WordPress sites, you must bring with you what you learned in this post since making those mistakes mentioned above over and over again will take no nowhere.
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